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HFC, Beneficial and HSBC Credit Center Web site consolidation

To provide an enhanced customer experience HFC, Beneficial and HSBC Credit Center have joined forces to create a combined, multi-branded web site. Although you'll notice a new look and feel, you'll still be able to navigate through the Web site easily and find all your account information within easy reach. Of course, security remains our top priority, so you can be sure the account information you access remains both private and secure.

You'll still have all the conveniences our on-line servicing offers, like…

In addition, for our customers who have accounts with HFC, Beneficial and HSBC Credit Center, the consolidation now allows you to view all of your accounts under a single user name! This new, "1-stop-shop" simplifies Internet servicing, eliminating the need to log into two separate sites to view all your account information.

What we haven't eliminated is the superior customer service you've come to expect from names you have trusted for more than 100 years.

Visit our new HFC,Beneficial and HSBC Credit Center home page now.

Enjoy your experience and, as always, thank you for visiting the HFC, Beneficial and HSBC Credit Center Web site.

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